PwC Career Conversation – Video Interview 2022

PwC Career Conversation – Video Interview 2022


Material includes full preparation for Career Conversation – Online Video Interview for 2022 intake. It covers the following practice material:

  • case study
  • video-recording / written questions

Sample answers are provided for all roles. However, please note that system recognises previously used phrases and answers and that you may fail if you plagiarise somebody’s else responses.

Please note that if you select the wrong service line, a refund or exchange for another service line material is not possible. 

Material is relevant to graduate and undergraduate positions, summer internships and industrial placements.

If the material for your service line is not listed on this page, please let us know on email



We strongly recommend our feedback service, as you will maximise your chances of progressing to the next round. As a part of this feedback, we also provide tips on how you can improve your answers. We will also correct all the wrong answers – if any (situational, numerical or similar).

We do many reviews daily and know precisely which quality and details are expected to progress to the next round. We can easily compare your answers to successful candidates and tell you whether you need to improve your answers. We also know all the specifics for each company (different skill sets, values, what they are looking for in candidates).

Please note that if you don’t know how interviewing software works, you may automatically fail as artificial intelligence is used to mark your interview. Only after you pass this automated rating HR will check your answers. As part of our feedback, we also include tips on how to pass these automated checks.

Ultimately, this service is an excellent opportunity to improve your overall interviewing skills, identify your weaknesses, and better prepare for the final stages of the application process.

In order to get a better understanding of our support/feedback service, please check the following document to see what you can expect: SAMPLE OF FEEDBACK SERVICES PROVIDED.

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Material is suitable for the following intake: 2021-2022
Last update: September 2021

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I failed last year but managed to pass this year thanks to your help with my answers and case study.

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