PwC Career Conversation / Video Interview 2021 /

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PwC Career Conversation / Video Interview 2021 /


The preparation material represents a genuine material for the entire and new Career Conversation for 2021 intake. It covers the following:

  • a case study material
  • all video-recording and written questions
  • all data sources

Sample answers are provided for all roles.

If you want to maximise your chances of progressing to the final stage, we highly recommend our PERSONALISED SUPPORT SERVICE that includes a review of all your answers. As a part of the review, we also provide tips on how you can improve your answers. We will also correct all the wrong answers.

Please note that in case you select the wrong service line, a refund or exchange for another service line material is not possible. 

Material is relevant to graduate and undergraduate positions, summer internships and industrial placements.

If the material for your service line is not listed on this page, let us know on email so that we can send you appropriate link.


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I failed last year but managed to pass this year thanks to your help with my answers and case study.

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