Personal Support / Feedback / Review

Personal Support / Feedback / Review


Based on our experience, by using this service, you will significantly improve your chances of progressing to the next round. As a part of this feedback, we also provide tips on how you can improve your answers. We will also correct all the wrong answers – if any (situational, numerical or similar). Please note that if you don’t know how interviewing software works, you may automatically fail as artificial intelligence is used to mark your interview and only after you pass this automated rating, then HR will check your answers. As part of our feedback, we also include tips on how to pass automated checks. In order to get a better understanding of our support/feedback service, and to see what you can expect from us, please check the following document: SAMPLE OF FEEDBACK SERVICES PROVIDED.

Please note the following:
– This service is relevant for one company and one stage of the application process. Please note here that answers to questions such as ‘why this company’ and ‘why this service line’ won’t work for each company. We provide feedback based on one company. Skills that you have to demonstrate for one company, are not the same for all companies and therefore the answers have to be adjusted to meet the company’s specific skillsets/requirements.
   – In case that your material includes numerical questions, you have to provide us with calculations, not only the answers.
   – You also have to include the questions, as we may not know by default the questions for all companies/roles.
   – No material is included.

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