Final Presentation Samples [Deloitte]

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Final Presentation Samples [Deloitte]


The product includes a sample of a presentation for the final round interview on your selected topic. To make sure that your presentation is good enough, it should be of a similar quality as the presentation that you will get after the payment. Please note that is your responsibility if you decide to use this presentation as your final presentation without editing it.

You can edit and adjust the presentation based on provided materials and make it unique.

After the payment, you will automatically get access to the following:

  1. One powerpoint presentation. For more popular topics such as ‘audit quality’, there may be more different presentations included. Please do not send us emails requesting more presentations as if we didn’t upload it that means that we don’t have more.
  2. One Word document that includes speech notes that follow each slide of powerpoint presentation. This document also includes links to resources used to create the presentation which many candidates find as big help since they were not able to find these publications on their own.
  3. Power-point template with a lot of designed slides ready to be used.

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I used this service before and was very happy with it, but now just wondering when are you going to add new topics for 2021 intake?

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