EY Learning in Person – Experience Day

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EY Learning in Person – Experience Day


Please note that this material does not represent identical virtual assessment centre, but it is created based on candidates’ feedbacks. We still find it helpful, but please note that refunds are not possible if you find that it is not identical to your real assessment centre as we clearly state it here that it is not identical.

If you got material from us for the previous intake, please do not buy it again as some parts are overlapping. Refunds will not be possible.


EY Experience Day Material 2020 is available now. Material is only available with support. There are some sample answers included in the material, however, there is extra practice material unanswered. We highly recommend you to try to solve it on your own and to send us your answers for review (support@onlinegraduatetest.com). We will come back to you within 24 hours. 

Our content is tailored specifically for EY Assessment Day and includes the official guidance, support instructions, 5 tasks in 5 different documents, feedback sample…

This material is relevant to graduate and non-graduate roles that have EY Assessment Day as a part of the application process. Make sure to check which material is relevant to you before making a payment.

Please note that this material is relevant to all service lines.

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I thought it was expensive, but now don’t regret spending a penny as I made it through.

Ying Yu O.

Please open donation link, as I don’t know how else to express my thanks to you. I got the offer thanks to your amazing help. Thanks for your patience as I had so many questions.

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