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Test difficulty – comparison table

(1 – easy to pass; 10 – very difficult to pass)
Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment 7.0
Deloitte Job Simulation 8.5
EY Learning for the Changing World 7.0
EY Learning on the Job 8.5
EY Numerical Reasoning Test 5.0
KPMG Transforming Small Businesses 7.0
KPMG Delivering Outcomes 8.5
PwC Situational Judgment Test 5.5 (only one mistake allowed)
PwC Game-based Assessment 7.5
PwC Career Conversation 8.5
Barclays Business Insight 1 6.5
Barclays Business Insight 2 9.0
HSBC Immersive Online Assessment 7.5
HSBC Online Job Simulation 9.0

Please note that this table represents our indicative scores based on feedback that we regularly receive from our candidates. For some people, some tests are easier than others, as each person’s skill-set is different.

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