You had the answers but still failed – how is it possible?

They are SIX possible reasons for failure:

  • The first one, which is the most likely, is that you were not eligible to apply in the first place. If you had, for example, ‘C’ grade in any subject for your GCSE or A-Level, or if your degree grade is not high. 
    If there are so many other candidates who are doing a masters degree and you are still on your undergraduate, they will be in front of you even if you satisfy all the basic requirements. The competition is very severe this year, so it is not enough only to meet basic requirements, but to be among the bests (especially when you are applying for banks and Big 4). Let’s say they are two candidates with the same grades and similar applications. One from the better university will go first.
  • The second one can be that you haven’t appropriately recalculated numerical questions if they changed figures/data in the question asked as they are randomly allocated. Also, candidates, sometimes don’t pay attention to wording such as ‘what is the second-highest amount’ and they answer as it is ‘the highest amount’ which is enough to fail as they are very strict on the numerical part. You can also check your feedback reports. If ‘Numerical’ is not your strongest skill, that means that you made a mistake in the numerical part. If ‘Numerical’ is your biggest strength, then there is something about your application that they didn’t like.
  • The third reason is that you have completed the test too quickly so that it was obvious that you couldn’t finish it so fast if you didn’t have answers in advance.
  • The fourth reason, they have so many candidates already for that position, and they are not accepting new applications. 
  • Fifth reason. I found that it is usually related to ‘unexpected circumstances’ or candidates who declare any disability. You have probably noticed that sentence that because of so many candidates who are applying, they are not able to provide you with the reason for your failure. What do you think why this sentence exists? Technically, to give them the option to reject you for any reason. I rarely experienced a situation where a candidate with disability passed all stages. I feel that this is so unfair and that they are just using those application fields because of the law requirements. In reality, they will find a reason to fail you as there will always be someone better than you (unfair but unfortunately true in this capitalist world).
  • 6th reason – your English is simply not good enough. Dot.

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