Video interviews – be aware of your background

Hi guys, these several days, I have received many complaints regarding high-prices. Taking into account that most of you are students and that I want to help you, I have decided to lower the prices. The prices that you see now won’t be changed until November 1, 2019 (guaranteed). Please take into account that each ‘support service’ that I provide takes one hour, and when demand is high, I have to increase the price. From now on, I am going to post short information here and provide you with general tips daily.

TIP OF THE DAY. There was a candidate which answers were just perfect for each job simulation that we were working on. However, he was rejected twice already. The third time, I told him to record himself and to send me video recording answers. Guess what? In his video recordings, in the background was his room, fool of storage boxes, socks, and hangers with clothes around the room. He was also moving a lot while speaking. No wonder that he got rejected!!! Remember this: Always have a neutral background and everything in order while recording the interview. And never underestimate the details! It is not enough to provide a good and solid response, but excellent ‘wow’ one in order to pass as competition is high.

Deloitte has already started sending notes to people who have passed job simulation, that they are going to wait until November 30, to invite only the best ones of those who passed to attend the final assessment. If you secure one offer, you are still not secure! For this year’s intake so many candidates passed the assessment center but guess what? They had to fly back to their countries as they still didn’t get the offer as they were relying on only one offer.

So many people have questions and tests in advance, but they don’t know where they are making mistakes (it is difficult to be self-critical, especially if you don’t have experience with job applications). I always know what is your chance of passing, as I am reading and listening to dozens of answers each week. If you follow my advice, the pass is almost guaranteed (if you don’t hang your socks on video recording screen 😊).

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